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As anyone who has already tried it will tell you, the amazing experience is to see Italy sailing coast with one of our luxury catamarans. We are proud to send you our tailor made incomparable services in Italy and also Croatia, Greece and British Virgin Islands. Our catamarans are best suited to visit and sail along the beautiful Italian coast. Tailor made itineraries offer you a chance to dedicate yourself in Italian coast culture and history. Read through our itinerary suggestions in Italy and enjoy catamaran charter sailing around!

At Catamaran Charter Italy we offer you tailor made itinerary with professional services for family or friends that are ready to explore Italy by sea. Just relax on one of our crewed luxury catamaran that is with skipper and hostess or if you prefer just with a skipper. You will have a tailor made itinerary with all the trip made just for your preferences. Your captain / skipper will be responsible for the catamaran for sailing, mooring / parking a catamaran and your private hostess will clean, prepare the beelines and everything else you need on a catamaran to enjoy Your amazing  vacation.


Europe Yachts Group (owner of the trademark Catamaran Charter Italy)

Europe Yachts Group Catamaran Charter Italy

We are a modern, dynamic, professional company established to improve service and value in the yacht charter industry. Europe Yachts Charter Group that is the owner of the trademark Catamaran Charter Italy company what founded in 1997. by captains and managers with background experience in cruising and yachting industry. With offices in Croatia, UK, USA and partners in Greece, Spain, Germany, we cover the most popular yachting destinations in Mediterranean and are expanding worldwide. Our reputation has been built on hard work, knowledge, dedication and a commitment to service. Our staff is professional, knowledgeable and experienced in the marine field. That’s why we won’t make promises we can’t keep. Core to our values is a steady focus on providing our clients the best yachting experience possible. Whatever your yachting desires may be, our team will handle all your requirements with the utmost professionalism and discretion. In order to deliver the best experience, you need someone who knows the yachts, crew, cruising areas, weather, local attractions, and customs. Europe Yachts has a wide range of yachts, all of them equipped to the highest standards and maintained by our professional staff throughout the year. Starting with yacht charter services in Croatia, Italy, French Riviera, through Mediterranean to Greece and Turkey, Europe Yachts suggests cruising itineraries, as well as organizes any other ‘on board’ requirements to make your holiday, business event or cruise the best possible!

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