Why? Catamaran Charter Italy is a proud member of Europe Yachts Charter, vertical cliffs, dreamy beaches, quaint villages perched over the sea, diverse and sublime regional gastronomy… Ehm, should I go on? Well, yes, also the beautiful feeling of traveling in the nature pushed only by the wind, the adrenaline under spinnaker and the peaceful relax when mooring at the anchor in a deserted bay, falling asleep lulled by the sea…

When to go? Always, if you can, but the best season for sailing Italy is summer. Also in spring and in the first part of autumn the weather may be great; moreover, there will be very few boats around.

How? A sailing charter. Send us an e-mail on booking@catamarancharteritaly.com and our professional booking manger will send you our offers

How much? If there are enough passengers on the boat (e.g. at least four persons on a 10 meter catamaran), a sailing charter catamaran isn’t more expensive than a traditional holiday in a hotel, depending of course also on the travel itinerary and the harbours visited.

Where? There are many really amazing places along the Thyrrenian coasts of Italy. This long itinerary allows admiring the Tuscany Archipelago (in particular Giglio, and Capraia islands), the Pontine islands (Palmarola, Ponza, Ventotene), and then Procida and Amalfi, before sailing towards Sicily through the magnificent Aeolian Islands (especially Vulcano and Panarea islands).

Where else? Lots of possible other destinations, both along this travel itinerary and in other Italian regions. For example, Sardinia and Corse offer superb beaches and landscapes.