7-Day Sailing Itinerary from Salerno

A 7-Day Sailing Itinerary from Salerno: Italy’s Coastal Gems

Sailing along Italy’s coast, particularly from the charming port of Salerno, is a blend of turquoise waters, captivating landscapes, and the allure of Italy’s rich history. A 7-day itinerary from Salerno lets you explore the best of this coastal charm, from tiny, secluded islands to bustling towns bustling with Italian zest for life.

Setting Sail from Salerno

Salerno is not just a starting point, but a destination in itself. Nestled between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the mountains, its picturesque landscapes, historical centers, and thriving port make it the perfect launch point for any sailing holiday. And with an array of catamarans to choose from the list provided by Catamaran Charter Italy, you’re guaranteed a comfortable and tailored experience.

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 2

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 2

Day 1: Salerno to Amalfi

Morning – Departure from Salerno

As the sun rises, set your sails towards the world-famous Amalfi coast. The journey is short but incredibly scenic. As you leave Salerno’s harbor, you’re greeted by the vast expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the breathtaking cliffs guarding the Italian coastline.

Afternoon – Exploring Amalfi

Amalfi, once a powerful maritime republic, is now a town known for its picturesque streets, historic cathedrals, and lemon groves. Mooring your catamaran, delve into the rich history of Amalfi’s cathedral, or simply enjoy a gelato while meandering its cobbled streets.

Evening – Local Cuisine Delights

No trip to Amalfi is complete without savoring the local seafood delicacies, complemented perfectly with Limoncello, the region’s renowned lemon liqueur.

Day 2: Amalfi to Positano

Morning – Leisurely Sail

The route to Positano, though short, is filled with panoramic views. The azure waters contrast beautifully with the verdant mountains and the colorful villas perched high above the sea.

Afternoon – Positano’s Charms

Often termed the ‘Jewel of the Amalfi Coast’, Positano is a cascade of colorful buildings. Its pebbled beaches, chic boutiques, and vibrant arts scene make it a haven for tourists.

Evening – Sunset Views

Anchor your catamaran in a quiet spot and enjoy one of the most enchanting sunsets Italy has to offer.

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 3

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 3

Day 3: Positano to Capri

Morning – Journey to the Isle

Capri, an island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is famed for its rugged landscape and upscale hotels. A smooth sail from Positano, it’s the perfect next stop on your itinerary.

Afternoon – Grotto Adventures

Discover the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue, thanks to the sunlight passing through an underwater cave. It’s an otherworldly experience that is quintessentially Capri.

Evening – Capri Nightlife

From sophisticated bars to quaint local taverns, Capri offers a nightlife that blends tradition with modernity.

As you sail away from Capri, the heart of your journey begins to unfold. The central days of your voyage take you deeper into Italy’s soul, blending rich culture with unmatched natural beauty.

Day 4: Capri to Ischia

Morning – Farewell to Capri

As Capri shrinks in the horizon, set your compass towards Ischia. This volcanic island is less frequented than its glamorous neighbor, Capri, but its thermal spas, sandy beaches, and lush forests make it a hidden gem.

Afternoon – Indulgent Spas and Ancient Castles

Ischia is renowned for its thermal springs and spas. A visit to one of these natural hot tubs is both a unique experience and a rejuvenating one. After the spa, explore the medieval Aragonese Castle, which offers panoramic views of the sea and Naples in the distance.

Evening – Gastronomic Delights

Ischia’s fertile volcanic soil makes for some of Italy’s best wines. Pair a glass with fresh seafood or rabbit stew, a local delicacy.

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 4

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 4

Day 5: Ischia to Procida

Morning – Nature Trails

Before leaving Ischia, take a morning hike through its lush forests. The ‘Green Island’ has well-marked trails leading to viewpoints that overlook the sea and nearby Naples.

Afternoon – Arrival in Procida

Procida, though the smallest island in the Bay of Naples, is possibly the most colorful. Its pastel-colored houses, narrow streets, and ancient marine culture make it a picturesque destination.

Evening – A Taste of Tradition

While in Procida, try the local lemon salad and “Lingua,” a sweet, lemon-filled pastry. The island’s cuisine is a delightful mix of land and sea.

The last stretch of your journey is where memories crystallize. Dive into Italy’s hidden treasures and witness landscapes that seem to leap out from a painter’s canvas. Your voyage has built up to this moment, where land and sea conspire to leave you spellbound.

Day 6: Procida to Positano

Morning – A Fond Farewell to Procida

Start your day with a sunrise walk in Marina Corricella. This historic fishing village, with its vibrant buildings and tranquil vibes, serves as the perfect send-off.

Afternoon – Unraveling Positano

Anchor your catamaran and step into the vertical town of Positano. The cliffside village, with its steep, narrow streets, is filled with boutiques and cafes. Its colorful buildings make for a dreamy backdrop, while the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, is a hub of activity.

Evening – Wine and Dine the Italian Way

Indulge in Positano’s culinary delights, from fresh seafood pastas to the renowned Limoncello liqueur. The town’s elevated terraces offer restaurants with panoramic sea views, enhancing your dining experience.

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 5

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 5

Day 7: Positano to Salerno

Morning – Beach Bliss

Spend your morning on Fornillo Beach, a quieter alternative to Spiaggia Grande. It’s a serene spot to relax and reminisce about your week-long journey.

Afternoon – Sailing Back to Salerno

As you sail back to Salerno, let the sea breeze play with your hair. The coastline offers one last spectacle, with its caves, cliffs, and grottoes passing you by.

Evening – Salerno’s Nightlife

Back in Salerno, embrace the city’s vibrant nightlife. Whether it’s a quiet drink by the marina or dancing the night away, Salerno ensures your trip concludes on a high note.

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 6

Sailing Itinerary From Salerno 6


A 7-day sailing itinerary from Salerno takes you through Italy’s dazzling coastline, where each destination is a universe in itself. From Capri’s upscale charm to Procida’s unspoiled beauty, and from Ischia’s thermal spas to Positano’s chic appeal, this journey is an embodiment of Italy’s diverse and intoxicating spirit. As you anchor your catamaran back in Salerno, you’ll not just have photographs, but a heart full of stories, experiences, and memories. And as any sailor will tell you, every journey is as much about the destinations as it is about the voyage itself.

Pro Tip: Ensure you charter the right catamaran to make this Italian adventure comfortable and memorable.